Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thing 21- Other Social Networks

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I joined the 23 Things on a stick Ning. Wouldn't you know I just got the text for my badge and didn't really get to much else and the site was down for maintenance. I waited a while and tried again, but finally gave up. I'll just have to go back later. Other networks I joined or have belonged to for a while are Webjunction andFlixter (joined recently after reading about it in D-Block's blog.)

I will have to go back to the Ning and participate. I did upload my avatar as I didn't have a photo available and I got the badge text (which I edited so it wasn't such a huge black bar) and put it in this post.

I looked at Gather, Webjunction(just because I hadn't been there recently), Bakespace and a number of the other sites.

I read with interest the article at Webjunction on building a social networking environment at the library. I agree with his summary: "The library is already a community space. Let's make the social web a new meeting room. We already interact in person. Let's begin interacting online."

Getting there starts with learning about these things.

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