Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thing 15 - Gaming

I read most of the linked material on this thing. I was already familiar with the Pew study. I watch for those as they are released as they contain a lot of information that is useful for library planning. While I had intended to explore Second Life, having recently read about a place there devoted to autistic users that sounded interesting, I decided instead to explore Puzzle Pirates. I created my character and quickly completed bilging and not as quickly, learning to carpent. I was all thumbs when carpenting. I kept mixing up my mouse buttons. I went from learning to neophyte status in both. I loved the graphics and there were over four thousand people playing when I was there. It's mind-boggling, more than the population of my hometown. I was a little apprehensive about playing after reading 23 Cats blog where she had to walk the plank, but I ran into some very helpful people who helped me know what to do, not that I talked to any of them as I was pressed for time. Bilging reminded me somewhat of Tetris, and carpenting was a familiar variation as well. I think that it would be a fun pursuit on a snowbound day.