Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thing 16 - Student 2.0 Tools (RPC & AC)

Both the Research Project Calculator and the Assignment Calculator are designed to help students manage the time they have to effectively use it and finish their assignments on schedule.

There are lots of print outs to help them and their teachers get this accomplished. Two of the handouts are particularly useful for students even if they don't use the calculator as designed. These would help them focus on what they are to do and how to go about it. They are: The research process: questions and answers and What's my angle? Generating topics and research questions. These should get them organized and help move them along. The printable material under brainstorming would also help them find a topic that interests them which always makes the project more fun.

The Assignment Calculator does much the same thing, but assumes some familiarity with the process. There are lots of links to online helpful sites to get them going based on the subject area assigned.

The trick with both of these would be to introduce them to the students and get them to use them. Great tools that need to be introduced to students and probably show them how to be used to be effective.

They would be great assets to a self-directed learning project too.