Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Library Art

I bumped into a mosaic program that looked intriguing in the course of the 23 Things on a Stick program and had to try it out. The program is small and fairly simple but I thought the results were like impressionist art. I've seen some quilts and quilting books that use somewhat the same technique.

The mosaics are made of thumbnails I added to my Librarything account. I only added seventeen titles, but used them to create a collection. I then used that collection to make mosaics of some of the covers. A few of the results are in the flip book above.

The program is called Andreamosaic. It's just a small download. Don't forget to grab the manual too if you want to try it out. I didn't download the picture collection, but might go back and get it after finding the results so pleasing. I'd think the more images the better the result.

I have no earthly idea what you'd actually do with the results, but they are a thing of beauty! You really need to view them full screen on your computer to get the best experience of your art.