Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thing 6

Exploring all the graphic tools and image generators could be a real easy way to get sidetracked. One thing just leads to another. Big Huge Labs has so many really easy apps and is very intuitive to use. I did discover one quirk when creating a slide show with photos from the web. If I exported it to my blog with their tools, when the slideshow played there was one photo which I had not put into the show which came with it. So I finally decided to just put the link in a list as when I did that only the photos I had included played. Just a little digital quirk apparently. I made a license plate with Image Chef and put it in the sidebar of my blog. For those who don't know, Yoopers refer to those living "below the bridge" in the Lower Peninsula as trolls (yes, the reference is from the folk tale).

My trading card also got posted in the sidebar earlier. And I had to play with Spell with Flickr again to figure out how I got the image to show up so I could help out another blogger. I liked the way the word turned out, so I left it in my blog.

Another person wanted to manipulate her image so I looked for a way to do it and found a possibility that I have to try out myself later.

Just for fun, I went to Findr and searching on the tag snowman viewed a really neat collection of pictures of (mostly) snowmen which was fun...only one photo seemed out of place..but I think I figured out how it got there. (There's more than one kind of snowman, apparently.) I did the same thing with Splashr: My Presentation

These tools which are freely available online are a great resource that cash strapped libraries can tap to give promotional materials a professional look without spending a lot of time doing it. Spending time exploring them is well worth the time and their use is only limited by your imagination.