Friday, March 7, 2008

Thing 4 - Flickr

After viewing the Common Craft video,I finally broke down and created a Flickr account. It is a concern that some disaster might occur and precious photos might be lost. With the ability to store some of them free, keep them private if you wish, and add tags to find them more easily, I thought "Why not". It helped that I already had a Yahoo account and didn't have to keep track of yet another login and password. I uploaded a few pictures to the account just to see how it worked and will do more later. I tagged the photos and divided them into sets. There's a limit of three sets with the free account so you need to be thoughtful about creating them.

I had previously explored the site and have been playing with some of the fun Flickr things as a reward to myself after reading blogs. (I needed to know how some of the tools worked so that I could answer questions about how to do some of the things that others were having problems with.)

I checked out all the highlights in Thing 4. Loved the use of the "add a note" feature in libraries! Hours could be spent exploring the LC collections, comments and tags if ever there was the time.

I finally remembered to bring my camera to work (my kids who got me the camera so I would have something small to carry with me and catch those "aha" photo opportunities would like it if I carried it with me all the time as they intended, but it's a hard habit to adopt. Ever since I missed the opportunity of capturing the fall migration of swans (seemed to be a hundred or more) in the bay near Ashland I 've been taking it when I travel.) Since I don't have a "library" per se, I took a picture of our office nameplate and an award I won while a public librarian in Michigan. I uploaded the pictures to Flickr and attempted to add them to this post. Only it's not happening today. Google has some issues with Blogger currently and uploading photos is one of them. So I saved my draft to try again Saturday with no more success than Friday night. On Saturday posts were readable but not able to post when I checked. Since I am getting the same message today (Sunday) after clearing my cache, Google's Blogger is apparently still having issues. I guess I won't finish this thing today, at least not with photos from Flickr. Uploading from my computer didn't work either so I'll wait and try again when their problems are resolved. But I will publish the post and try to edit it to add pictures at a later time.