Monday, March 31, 2008

Thing 11 -Tagging and

I went into a number of posts and put tags on them by editing the posts to include tags. I will have to go in and do the others later when time isn't so short. I viewed the 8 minute tutorial and looked at the Minn23 account, where I noted that several items I had bookmarked at work recently were included, among them the Adobe Photoshop online site which recently launched. I subscribed to the RSS feed for the account in Google Reader as well. Then I set up a account for me. However, I was using my new laptop where I had not bookmarked much yet. I will have to go to my work computer and add those bookmarks to which will be an easy way to access them then from my barenaked of bookmarks laptop. It should be much easier than any other way to transfer them and since I use about four different computers having the account will allow me access to all of my bookmarks from anywhere once I get them added. Sounds like a good idea to me.

With the ability to add notes to the bookmarks, I can also see it being used for research. It has some similarities to Zotero which I just learned about from reading another blog. I called that the Swiss army knife or Leatherman of search technology. That has come in handy in verification of challenging interlibrary loan requests and helped by saving pages and information from pages so I don't have to re-find it later. I can see being used in a similar fashion.

Tagging seems to really make sense in being able to find things later. Everyone doesn't remember things in the same way and it just makes perfect sense to tag things in a way that is meaningful to the individual, rather than by system which is how libraries have always done it.

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