Monday, March 31, 2008

Thing 10 - Wikis

I viewed the Common Craft video and checked out the various links in thing 10. The Subject guide wikis at SJCPL were of varied levels of development. Some were good, some not as well developed. But that's the strength of wikis, they can be edited and developed over time. The Princeton Library (NJ) use of a wiki for book reviews for a book club was a nice snapshot in time, but I liked better their incorporation of the reviews into their catalog. Looking at the Library Success wiki showed that they have had to resort to e-mail confirmation for editing because of vandalism--there's always got to be rotten apples to make things more difficult.

I was pleasantly pleased to find that the Aurora Public Library was among the blogging libraries in the Blogging Libraries Wiki. Their librarian is currently one of those who has completed the 23 things program. You can read her 23 things blog here: Paula's 23 Tech Things

I can understand why teachers might not allow Wikipedia as a source for writing papers. How do you know the author's work is authoritative? But they really should encourage students to visit it to find where else they might go for authoritative material on a topic. And it would be a great part of a unit on how to evaluate reference material and resources which is what students should be learning to benefit them for the rest of their lives. While I can understand teachers wanting to encourage use of many different formats, I don't believe that limiting use by format is at all helpful or necessary. With the ability to access many primary resources online today, the internet should not be excluded simply because it isn't the "standard" accepted print media.

I added an entry to the 23 things on a stick wiki and signed and dated the entry. I included a photo (above) of the birthday cake my husband bought me recently which I immediately thought would have been great to add to a storytime celebration or summer reading program event. Let's hope we never get too old to appreciate storybook characters!