Monday, March 3, 2008

Thing 3 - RSS Feeds

RSS feeds literally bring the world you choose to your doorstep and using Google Reader lets you move that doorstep around to wherever you are. (Unless,of course, you're at the cabin without electricity.)

I tried using Internet Explorer's feed but I don't always use Internet Explorer. I don't like IE. I like the navigation features of Netscape much better and I mourn its demise. I've downloaded Firefox and find it similar enough that I suspect I will use it more than IE. So I thought I would try Google Reader since I already have a Google page and a Blogger account. It's simply to avoid having to use another username and password combination to remember. (But I plan to check out mentioned in Bridget's Twig which sounds as nifty as RSS Feeds and allows you to access all your passwords from anywhere.) I live in fear of losing my little notebook whick contains everytihng I need to access my online resources.

Google Reader is ideal for me to keep track of the progress of blogs in the 23 things project. I can be notified when there are changes and not have to check each blog everyday. Talk about a time saver! It could easily be used to monitor other types of similar projects or online learning.

I added news feeds, but find that for the most part I prefer going to the news web site and browsing, much like browsing in a library. After monitoring the news feeds for a few days, I eliminated most of them. Somehow there is satisfaction in browsing the eclectic conglomeration of information on news sites and using the RSS feeds for this leaves me thinking I might miss that odd tidbit the catches my fancy and leads me to explore new ideas or learn more about a subject. However, for specialized information RSS feeds would the be choice to have information delivered to me.