Friday, January 29, 2010

Simplicity is Simply Ketchup

Simplicity is to be desired in computer applications, particularly those social Web2.0 applications. The easier they are to use, and easier they make your life, the better.

Today I bumped into the simplest of apps, that looks to be very useful as well. It's called Ketchup. Ketchup looks like it can help organize your life, a sort of diary in the cloud, to keep track on your meetings with the ability to date and name the meeting and participants, keep track of the agenda, and make any notes you might want to remember about the meeting, and all of this in one place. If you do a lot of phone or online meetings, Ketchup could help you organize these notes. Your meeting notes can be printed as well. Clicking the box labeled "public" at the top of the page makes your notes accessible to others, and generates a URL that can be shared.

This screenshot has a much better explanation:

Ketchup launched several weeks ago and is currently free. While there are plans to monetize, they do say they will retain a free version for light users.

Simplicity is Ketchup's charm. When you sign up to try it, send some invitations for friends. They'll thank you for it.

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