Sunday, March 1, 2009

Watch and Learn to Use the Fuze

I wish I'd found this Youtube clip that demonstrates how to use the Sansa Fuze before I learned how to use it by trial and error. There's no narration, but if you watch it carefully, it shows you all the features and how to use them. Just watch the fingers navigate the menus. As it goes you see a demo of all the features too.

I got my Fuze for Christmas and I love it. I listen to downloadable audiobooks, have loads of my favorite music on it, and also can put photos and video on it. I have my favorite radio stations programmed in for quick access. You can use it to record reminders too. Best of all, it's expandable by adding a memory card. Sound is quite amazing for such a small device and no fancy speakers.

I liked mine so much that I got a smaller version called the Clip for my son for his birthday so he can wear it while he's working outdoors, or in the garage and the Clip on it will keep him from losing it since it can be clipped on a pocket or belt.

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