Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Laurel Burch Purse

I can't wait to get this and see it up close and personal. I love the color and brightness. (Will I be brave enough to use it?)

Twitter is responsible for my finding this marvelous purse; yet another reason why people should Twitter! In addition to one for myself, I ordered one as a gift. I wonder if I'll be able to part with it once I see it. It's the same purse, but in pastels. If you want to see what else the talented artist has in her shop, you'll find find her creations at

All this and I got a new Twitter follower to boot.
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Zoma said...

I love this purse! What a great find. I'm going to check our her Etsy shop today. I think my sister will love her items too! Isn't it amazing the things you find on Twitter. It's fun to explore!

Linda said...

I got these purses and the quality of the work is just EXCELLENT! They're perfect and as soon as I scotchgard them, I'm going to start using them. I can't wait to see what her wallets will be like.