Saturday, February 21, 2009

A New Twist on an Old Saying

I was taken by the message in this poster shared by user experience designer Whitney Hess in her photo of the day. She had previously shared the thought on Twitter, but I'd missed it there. The message is hopeful, if somewhat cynical.

The library community needs to take heed of this message. We can't change the world alone; but if we organize together we can find solutions to the problems confronting us. Unfortunately it seems the community is splintered by self-interest, not looking for the greater good and service to our community. Rather than rowing together and moving forward, each is using their oar separately, and the boat is spinning aimlessly out of control.

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Cheryl said...

I hear you. Everybody is very protective of their own small piece of the pie and resistant to change. We see it at the city level as well.
On a lighter note, I love your background on your blog - how did you do it? Was it in the Things and I missed it? Thanks for the replies on my blog. I appreciate the time you take to look and respond to the new things a add.
I seem to be buzzing through the Things - my new Dell studio laptop is responsible. I can hardly wait to get on and do stuff.

Linda said...

The background was in the challenge on thing 24, I think. Pyzam has a really wonderful selection of templates and it was really pretty easy to install. They have the directions right on the page where you get the code for it. I haven't blogged about it yet, but I had to save all my gadgets in the sidebar and reinstall them separately later, not hard, but took a bit of time. Then I found that I needed to widen the columns a bit so dinked around and got it how I wanted it. The last thing I need to do is figure out why the images in the main blog post area don't all center, but I can live with it if they dont'. I've tried a number of things, but not analyzing the entire code for the page.

I do enjoy reading your posts and I bet having a new laptop is an encouragement to work on them. My dial up connection at home discourages me and I've been too busy at work to do anything much. Since you seem to be buzzing through quite quickly, I'm encouraged that others won't think we've made this too hard.

Sticking 23 things said...

I started to download Pyzam but was wondering about safety issues and other junk. I think I'm getting paranoid with all of these "things"!! I think your poster can be applied to lots of things. I don't know much about the library world but it's disappointing to me to read what you shared. Also seems hypocritical on the part of this 'world' given the myriad of statements I have heard through the years from the "library community" about oppression, censorship,and the like. If there are truly "big issues", aren't they worth finding some common ground to make things better?

Linda said...

One would certainly think so, wouldn't one? Cooperation is the key.