Sunday, January 18, 2009

Knitting Bee in Collagr

I saw on Lifehacker mention of a web based application called Collagr which can be used to generate collages from your photostream on Flickr or Photobucket. Since I like to play with photographs and images, I thought I'd see what it could do. The results were not quite polished enough to be completely happy with them, but it was easy to do. I think that some experimentation and tinkering with the settings would allow you to make a pretty nice collage.

The image below was generated with the default settings using my Flickr photostream. You put in the URL for your photostream directory or you can search terms. You can tinker with the settings after the images have been grabbed. Things like background color, spacing between pictures, and filter colors. Once generated, Collagr hosts the image. You can download it, or embed the link generated in your page. I chose the thumbnail embed link just to see if it would work in Blogger and it seems to, at least in Preview mode.

The image above used Large for the size setting. The one below used Small.

And this last one used borders instead of stitched.