Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Flaunt your Twitter with Twitstamp

I've been busily trying to organize all my Twitter bookmarks into some semblance of order so that I can use them to work on a More Things on a Stick wiki entry. I found I had over 340 entries for Twitter in Delicious, so it was a painstaking process to whittle them down and try to order them. Finally decided that there were just too many for one wiki entry so we will be doing two Things related to Twitter.

In the course of checking them out I decided to see what TwitStamp would do.

Here a tiny version of the TwitStamp:

Here's a small single tweet stamp chosen from a selection of eight varied

Here's a medium Twitstamp chosen from eight different

Here's the the general TwitStamp card I generated:

Twitstamp made it really easy to generate the stamps/cards. You simply plug in your Twitter username/ID, select from one the the three categories below the username blank chosing latest from user, single tweet ID, or Twitcard and click the Generate button. Your stamp/card is generated. Click on the size, then style of stamp/card you wish to use,and the code appears in three forms below. You then can copy the code you need for whatever use you need. You can also save the image to use as a graphic file. It couldn't be much easier. You can use it to illustrate your blog or other social media site, breaking up the monotony of too much plain text.

It appears that the tweet changes in each stamp to update to your most recent twitter post.