Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Virtual Greenhouse

Perhaps it's the thought of the recent frost warning and impending Minnesota winter that made this little web application seem attractive. After enjoying the green and growing things this summer, the thought of the drab, long winter without color seems too much to bear; so I signed up for a virtual greenhouse where I'll be notified of new bouquets and when to water the flowers in my greenhouse. I can also send bouquets. And the embed code is supplied for blogs or web pages. I put the fresh flowers delivered daily code in my blog sidebar just to see what happens. You don't have to register for that particular feature.

This should be a little glimpse of hope during the long winter that's coming early by all signs from Mother Nature.


6th grade rules! said...

hey! At least you got something to grow,even if it was "fake"!! Our garden has been pretty sad - Miracle Grow has been our only help!!! That and friends from Illinois who came up with tomatoes, 3 kinds of peppers, cucumbers, zuchinni, and apples. It was so wonderful! oh, and rangegurl didn't even come close to completing 23 things! Talk about a cursory skimming.......esp. when you consider everyone who slugged their way through! Gee, would that include me?

Linda said...

I keep least she looked at the stuff...but it really is not fair to everyone else who did make the commitment and follow through even if it was painful for them.

It sure has been a lousy growing season this year, not many warm nights which is when things grow, and coupled with lack of regular precipitation. Lucky you with friends who had some better growing conditions to the south! My neighbor lady, an avid gardener, commented in July that she had just given up this year even with Miracle Grow.