Thursday, August 14, 2008

23 Things on a Stick Postcard Cat

With about one month left of Round 2 of 23 Things on a Stick, NCLC had 30 signed up for this round. Seven of those 30 have either finished the 23 things, or consider that they have completed the 23 things.

Those completing all 23 to date are: Dolce Libro, Inkdrinker, Laura's 23 Things on a Stick, Library Landing,
Sarahs23StickThings, and The German Experience. Rangegurl53 considers herself done; you'll have to read the blog and see what you think. Did she do the 23 Things or not? You be the judge and let me know what you think.

Quite a few others are about at the halfway mark, so I hope they are motivated to complete the program. The average completion rate has been about one-third. Perhaps this group will be above average at the rate they are going so far. It's been fun and educational to read all the blogs.

Congratulations to those who have completed the 23 Things on a Stick so far. I like the one word summary expressed by Dolce Libro on the experience: Empowerment.

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IfallslibraryDiane said...

My comment about Rangegurl would be that she wasn't ready for the time commitment and wasn't willing to put in the time. I also think she didn't quite get the notion of social networking on mySpace et al. She may not be a candidate for mySpace but I bet she knows someone who does communicate that way and could communicate with them. I am not comfortable with responding to those I don't know but do fine if I know the person.

So did she finish? Well, she looked at everything and while she was quick to dismiss a lot of it, she probably learned some and maybe started down the path of not being judgmental towards those who do use it. And that is worth it.