Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Downside of Social Networking

During the More Things on a Stick program, one of our projects required that we explore sites that let you make scrapbook pages, like those applications Scrapblog or Smilebox.

I discovered it was rather fun to make scrapbook pages, but did require some planning in advance. You need to have a selection of photographs, a theme, and some doodads for embellishment. I used both Smilebox and Scrapblog to produce projects. While exploring Scrapblog, I was "friended" by an obviously talented person who kindly offered encouragement and advice. I've been too busy to go back and do any more pages lately, but have received notices of new pages made by friends. The notice I got today made me go look at the page which was posted yesterday. I was dismayed and horrified by the necessity for her post which I have included below. Since I've seen the same kind of snarky comments on some of the blogs I read, I understand the reason for her direct address to this kind of snarkiness. It is an unfortunate downside to social networking that, thankfully, happens less frequently than sharing expertise and admiration for people's efforts. It seems there always has to be one rotten apple in the basket. I admire this "friend's" direct approach in confronting her snide critic.

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