Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thing 26 Join the Ning

I joined the Ning in the first round of 23 Things on a Stick, but didn't find much activity there so didn't return much. As a result of Thing 26, however, I have visited it many times. I've added the Ning badge to my sidebar where it's more noticeable than in the blog post from the first round of things.

What have I done there? I added to my profile and fleshed out my page. I've left several comments there for others. I uploaded a bunch of photos to it,some personal, some related to the project, that have elicited comments to which I've responded. I've added to the discussion forum about Twitter. I've looked at the groups there and seeing regional groups developing created a group for the NCLC region. I may join the knitting group when I have more time for it.

While the level of activity on the Ning is still not great, it is increasing and may develop into a destination for networking, at least among the 23 Things and More on a Stick participants.

In chatting with a public library director recently, she expressed her idea for creating a meeting place for those interested in her hobby. None of the things she'd looked at seemed to have everything she wanted, most particularly the ability to have a forum. Because of the 23Things Ning experience, I was able to point her to a Ning as a possibility for what she wants to do. I think it will work well for her planned activity.

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