Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Now It's Fall, Just the Nicest Time of All

I loved pulling children's books out for special displays, be it seasonal, holiday or just because. The tiny Lois Lenski book Now It's Fall was always tucked far back on the deep shelf with larger books, out of sight. When it was put out on seasonal display, tiny hands quickly plucked it up to take it home and have it read aloud, short snippets of fall activities in equally short rhyme, snapshots in time of the season.

In looking for More 23Things I found a Web2.0 application which could be used to make your own little storybook, Showbeyond. According to their web site Showbeyond is a multimedia slidecast creator, online publishing platform, and story sharing community. With Showbeyond you can easily grab your images, and then add your sound and text to create your stories. You can then share your story with the world, or just a few chosen friends. It would be a great tool to use with a class of any age.

I found one shared story which reminded me of the spirit of fall held in Lois Lenski's lovely little book. The title is Autumn Leaves posted by Aseret41 on September 29, 2008. It would make a lovely picture book to share with little ones, and would be great in a story time.