Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Knitting and Other Things

This blog has been neglected for some time now...and with Christmas coming may be for a bit longer.
Moving back home after fifteen years and integrating two households while enjoying the summer and fall in the beautiful Upper Peninsula has been time consuming. And we are still not done.

What free time there's been has been taken up with knitting.  I recently found a group of people who meet regularly at Connie's Place to knit, converse, and share their cumulative knowledge on knitting and life.  I've gone to knit twice and now the holiday schedule will not allow us to meet for three weeks.  It was good to find a group who shares a love of needlework, whether it be knit, crochet or other kinds of handcrafts.

I've been knitting lots more socks, most furiously lately since the yarn I ordered in September was mistakenly shipped to my old Minnesota address and never forwarded to me.  I finally contacted  Three Irish Girls who refunded my shipping, dyed, dried and shipped a new order of the yarn which had been intended for Christmas gifts this year. It came yesterday.  I got right to work, but there is no way I can possibly get the projects on my list done for this Christmas..but the yarn is beautiful.  I am trying hard to get one pair of socks done for my sister-in-law in Three Irish Girls Adorn sock yarn, color Winterbirch, as she loves white birch.

Some of my other projects recently are:

Being home again meant for the first time in fifteen years there was enough time to erect and enjoy the full size tree.  We lingered over the lights and decorations for a full week, savoring the memories elicited by each handmade or gifted ornament.  We remembered the people in our lives and the experiences making the handcrafted ornaments.  Our living room seemed populated by  crowds of people who have been part of our lives.

  God bless them, every one.  It is so good to be home for the holidays...and for the rest of our lives.

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